Mail Order Brides: The Pros & Cons Of Choosing Foreign Wife

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Hello! My name is James, and I am the Guru of dating. In this short article, I will help you become the best and most experienced man in the online dating sphere!

What is mail order bride? How to get a mail order bride? How much is mail order bride? What to do to find success? I will answer all your questions! Make sure to remember everything I am telling because you will not find anything similar to this!

Can mail order bride work for you?

My journey with online dating began when my girlfriend dumped me. We did not have serious relations, which is why it was not a surprise for me.

However, I wanted something more, something serious and interesting. Fortunately, a friend of mine recommended me to take a look at online dating. At first, I thought that it was a scam. But learning more and more about mail order bride industry, I realized how magnificent and effective it is. I learned that mail order bride could work!

Throughout these past few years, I have chatted with dozens of gorgeous women. I have talked to beautiful Asian ladies, mysterious Russian beauties, and hot Latin women. I have gained invaluable experience inside of the system, and I was hoping you could discover this magical world with me!

My experience and experience of thousands of other people are the living proof that mail order bride can actually work. I can even say that mail-order bride services are more effective than real-life dating, and I can prove it!

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Which mail order bride to choose?

So, at first, I did not know what to look for. Well, sure, I wanted to find a woman who wanted to become my wife and start a family with me. But I did not have a clear picture of what my future wife should look like. My breakup with my girlfriend left me desiring a woman – any woman. And this is a terrible thing. Let me explain why. If you have no idea what is a mail order bride, it is important to understand that mail order brides are women who want to get married.

They want a man who knows what he desires and ready for commitment. A guy who does not know what his potential wife should look like should never opt for mail-order bride services. He should calm down and take a few deep breaths to figure out what he needs. If you know what you need, take a look at how to get a mail order bride and what you can find! 

  • Women from Russia and Ukraine. These beauties are magnificent. Many of them have no problems with English, which is why your communication will be flawless. And one can discuss many things with women from these countries. Russian and Ukrainian girls are highly smart and interesting. I have had many dates with these women, and I would say that it is amazing to have such a beautiful person to discuss some complex or sophisticated topics.
  • Girls from Asia. Enigmatic and charming, ladies from Asia are unique. Although there might be some language barriers, chatting with a woman from China or Japan is definitely a great experience. Most of the girls are tender, slim, and incredibly beautiful. I will never forget my dates with Asian mail-order brides!
  • Latin American brides. Women from sunny Latin countries can make your day! It is an absolutely amazing feeling to chat with a beautiful and hot Latin girl, trust me!
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Mail order bride: how to ask her to meet you?

So, many guys ask me how to find a bride? How do I approach such a tender and gorgeous creature? Well, a dash of confidence or a few shots of tequila could do the trick if you cannot make the first step. However, do not compare online dating with real-life communication. Here, in the online environment, all women are eager to talk to you. They are here because they want to find a decent man to build happy and strong relationships. Let’s take a look at a few things that helped me make a first step!

Start with one girl

My biggest problem was to start using online communication. I did not know how to use it, which made me confused and angry. However, when I sent my first message to my first mail-order bride, I felt powerful! You just need to find a lovely girl and send her a small message. No need to write a lengthy letter. Just tell her that you like her profile photo and would enjoy chatting with such a lovely and beautiful lady!

Be confident

Since a lot of communication happens through text chats, you can think over your messages to sound more confident. Try to make your date sure that you are a perfect candidate for her! Confidence will always make you look good. However, it is also quite important to remember not to be overconfident, or else you could look like a jerk. Remember that confidence should be your tool – you have to use it carefully.

Be romantic

Always tell your bride how lovely she is. If you are using text messaging, tell her that she is brilliant and interesting to talk to. If you are able to see your date, tell her how beautiful she is. Some dating platforms can allow you to send cute and romantic messages, or even real or virtual presents and flowers. Just imagine how surprised your girlfriend would be if you sent her a real bouquet!

Mail order bride vs. traditional dating statistics

My friends ask me what is mail order bride and how effective it is. Well, I tell them one thing – every year, over 1 million couples get united through online dating. Sure, not all of them stay together or get married. However, over 2 million people find each other via online communication and try building strong and happy relationships. Undoubtedly, there are more people who prefer traditional dating, which is why it would be quite useless to compare these numbers. But you can be sure that mail order bride services become fantastically popular over the years.

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Is mail order bride a good idea?

Well, sure, why should it not be a good idea? Just imagine – you are sitting at your home, not need to go somewhere else, look for a date, find out that you have nothing in common, and simply waste a whole day for nothing. Instead, you just log on into your account, use a simple search filter or matchmaking tool, and find yourself a wonderful date! Or you can simply chat with girls from your favorites list. Video communication, audio calls, group chats, private chat rooms, and even organization of real-life dates – a wide arsenal of mail-order bride services is available to you!

At first, I did not know how to get a mail order bride because there was no information online. I had to do everything on my own, which meant that I made some mistakes. Yeah, I made some mistakes looking for girls, I would not lie. But you have an advantage – my knowledge that I can share with you for free! You do not need to learn about your mistakes because you do not need to make one in the first place. So, make sure that you have a great time when chatting with gorgeous ladies because this is the main point of online dating – enjoy your time.

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When did mail order bride start?

Online dating is a quite old thing, to be honest. I did not know about it when it was just beginning. However, the first online dating sites emerged more than 2 decades ago. Moreover, they quickly became widely popular, even though the Internet was not available to everyone. However, with the development of new technologies and widespread of the Internet, more and more single people realized the potential and benefits of dating online! People started asking questions: what is mail order bride, how to get a mail order bride, how much is mail order bride?

Fortunately, today we have hundreds of dating platforms with millions of active members! In recent years, the popularity of online dating has become fantastic. I believe that I hopped on the train of mail-order bride services when it was at its peak of popularity. And I can tell you that the quality of dating will only improve with every single year. I have heard that some top-notch sites want to implement augmented reality technologies so that you could have a hologram of your date sitting next to you! A hologram! We truly live in the age of wonders!